December 21st is not a Good Day

I won’t go into huge depth here because I don’t want to bore you & depress myself.

Dad died 2 years ago today. (In an ugly coincidence his mother died on this date in 1981.)

I almost picked up the phone to call him & wish him a Happy Thanksgiving this year. As with most people I had *issues* with my parents. And as with most people I think I’m totally entitled to have those issues.

I miss him sometimes, but a lot of the time I don’t. Am I a horrible person? Doubtful (at least if that’s the only thing I’m being judged on). So ramble ramble ramble & blah blah blah.

So hug your Daddy if you can & if he’s even worth it a tiny little bit.

Now onto not depressing news that somewhat redeemed my day.
All Mine Baby!

Do you have any idea how hard it was to get even this crappy picture? But here she is in all her glory. I’m very pleased. The gallery of the ring is super plain, but it all looks very well put together & all the stones are secure & I really love the look of it so I’m a happy gal. The only problem is, the ring is a 5-1/2. I thought that was the size I needed. It really should be more like a 5. But I’m still losing so if it gets too loose I’ll put in the jewelry box for a bit & then when I finished I’ll get it sized down. Again. But if that happens I’ll probably have to get a new wedding band, mine just can’t be sized (at least I don’t think it can be). *sigh* I wish all my problems were this nice!

And a quick aside: Just wait till Monday when I update CTW. You all are just gonna die! My needle is smoking & it is looking brilliant. I hope to have… well I won’t spoil it. Make sure you check back for an update.

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1 Response to December 21st is not a Good Day

  1. Christine V says:

    That’s a beautiful ring!!! Wow!

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