To The Hospital We Shall Go…

Thankfully not me. But then again I kinda wish it were me. (I *know* I should not say that kind of thing, tempting fate and all that.) I’m young & reasonably healthy.

My Step-father & my Grandmother are both in the hospital tonight.

Let’s start with Grandma. Possible bowel obstruction. Yum. And with her heart & various other health issues, not only is she admitted; they transfered her to a better hospital. The sad thing is I think this is happening really fast. What is this? This is Grandma twisted arms to get all 6 of her kids to come home for Christmas ’06. We’re all pretty sure she’s getting ready to die (for real this time) but it’s only been what? 3 weeks?

On to Step-dad Mike. He’s been sick with a cold/flu type bug. Which he caught off my mother, thanks mom! He was so sick he actually stayed home from work. He was also having bloody bowel movements. After DAY TWO of this (don’tcha love men?) he finally tells mom & asks her to take him to the emergency room. They’re not quite clear on all the finer points, but he’s got a big internal infection right below his stomach. Oh, & the doc doesn’t like the sound of his lungs either. So he’ll be spending tonight in the hospital too.

Good thing I’ve had some retail therapy planned for tommorrow. I live insanely far from both Mike & Grandma, neither have access to a phone (although I think Grandma might be lying about the phone in her room not working just so she doesn’t have to deal with my mom) so I can’t talk to either of them. *Sigh* sometimes living so far from all the family sucks. Most days it doesn’t. But today it does.

Sorry for all the bowel stuff. Here’s a little something to make up for it.
sickly sweet

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2 Responses to To The Hospital We Shall Go…

  1. Christine V says:

    Sending good thoughts for quick recoveries for both your grandma and step-dad.

    Love the picture..I got an email with several of those pics and they’re great!

  2. Sara says:

    So sorry to hear about your family members’ illnesses, sending positive thoughts your way.

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