SEX pics

Kinky no?

drool worthy
Creative Stitchery
 had a nice little sale this weekend.40% off charts & 20% off threads. So with my birthday money I bought myself Just Nan’s Bliss w/ accessory pack, all 4 Bent Creek Spring Snapperlands, Lizzie Kate’s Love Crazy which I’ve been nuts for since the first time I saw it, NN Camoflauge for M Designs Scarab Monogram, and the remaining 12 or so Sampler Threads I needed for And They Sinned.

The shop didn’t have the free border for Spring Snapperland. Does anyone out there in stitchingland have a copy they could spare? I’ll gladly trade another freebie or two for it. Email me if you want to deal.

And just for kicks here’s a before shot of my ATS:
ATS floss toss
Oooooo look at all the lover-ly Sampler Threads. 😀 I’m planning on stitching it on 36ct. Light Sand 1 over 2. Who knows when I’ll finally start it though… CTW has not gotten much attention this weekend. 😦

In general news: Step-dad, he’s got colitis & bronchitis so he’s one sick puppy and in the hopital until at least Monday. Grandma’s got a tube down her stomach & as my Aunt charmingly put it, they’re pumping the shit out of her. Ewww…. So everyone will be okay it looks like, so I’m a happy gal. And remember what I said about tempting fate? I’ve got a sore throat, runny nose & a headache. Damnit.

Now, the reason my throat might be a little extra sore?
Nope, not me thankyouverymuch! Aw shucks… you can’t see Molly McStripper’s belly ring in the the pic. *sigh* Oh well you can’t have everything. I took this charming shot last night off my tv. Tivo, digital cameras, the internets, ain’t they great? Now if dh would only set it up so I could do screen captures off the tv…

So the Eagles lost. The Ravens lost. All is right with my world. Except the Steelers sitting at home watching the Playoffs, but right now, yeah I’m good.

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