You gotta see it to believe it…

So here I am sick with strep-throat. I’m miserable, even though I caught it early. I’m just not used to feeling bad anymore (I haven’t been sick in a year!) and I’m not taking it well.Okay, I’m taking it like a horrible whiny bitch. Dh hasn’t strangled me yet. He’s actually being really nice. Last night on his way out to Wal-Mart he asks me if there’s anything I want. Mistake. Oh yes there is something I want. I want a picture of those gold unicorns & the dude with sword in the chariot.

Now with most people this would be a sign to take their temp, check for other signs of hallucinations; but not here in Katy Tx. Behold!
I shit you not
Not the greatest pic, I admit. And really you must see this thing in person with the noon-day sun hitting it. I have *never* in my life seen anything like this. Check out the scale! That is a one story building behind it. The sword & the wings have got to be putting this thing in at 20ft tall.

Really, gold unicorns!
Eight, count ’em eight gold unicorns. Pulling a winged centurion? with a sword in a chariot. Truly it sounds like a hallucination.

I have *got to* go to this place. It’s a ironworks manufactuer right down in the center of Old Katy. I’m considering offering the owners $20 if they’ll take my picture with it. I have no idea where it’s going to live. I said Vegas. Dh said no way, not even Vegas is this tacky. I’m hoping it goes to live in the front yard of some guy’s house in a really swank sub-division, with a sign in front that says “And you thought the flamingos were bad”. I’d probably pee myself laughing.

So Bloggers: What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately? I wanna see pics!

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2 Responses to You gotta see it to believe it…

  1. Jenn L says:

    Haven’t seen anything strange lately but I want one of those unis!!!!! Maybe even a pair!!

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