Stealing from Whiz

Today’s post is courtesy of Whiz’s Blog .
Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Oh but it gets better than that. I know one of you Melissas out there not only has my name, you have my birthday! How do I know this? It all started one day at TX DMV…

There I was getting my TX DL because I’d been living in TX for over a year now and it finally felt like the right time. 😉 So usual DMV hell: long wait, hard chairs, and the ease dropping on people with *such* wonderful stories to tell. I finally get my turn. Everything is fine until they run my name through some sort of national database. The gal looks at me and says you need to call Mississippi & get your license with them cleared up. Huh? Ummm I’ve never lived in Mississippi, hell I’ve never even driven a car in Mississippi. Well you’re Melissa born xx/xx/xxxx and Mississippi has a hold on you. WTF? Oh fab! Someone has stolen my identity.

So off to home I go & on to the phone with MS DMV. No I am not the Melissa they are looking for, there is a MS resident with my name & b-day that has been a bad girl. Thankfully not bad with my SS#. After about a week’s wait I get a letter from MS DMV stating that the Melissa they want has a SS# of xxx-xx-xxxx (yup, they gave me her SS#). I take this to TX DMV, wait in line again, they photocopy the letter and staple it my other forms & encourage me with, “Well, maybe Austin will be ok with this. If you don’t get a DL in the mail in 3-4 weeks come back in.” Argghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Well after sweating it out for 2 weeks I did get my TX DL. Oh and one more gem; I tried to get my DMV’s fax number so MS could just fax the letter directly to them, and I was told by a TX State Police woman at the DMV “We don’t give out our fax number, that’s not for the public’s use.”

And one more quickie also inspired by Whiz:

Slave Boy. Who is Slave Boy? Well I don’t know the name he was born with, but apparently he likes to be called Slave Boy. I know this from the tattoo on his bicep. Dh joined 24hr Fitness before I did and would come home and tell me tales of what he saw at the gym. And one day he came home with a Slave Boy story. So after I joined 24hr I kept my eyes peeled, I wanted to see this guy. I’m there working on the weight circut and I notice a man because he’s on a machine I want to use next (okay, I don’t want to use, I have to use it ’cause dh makes me) and I also notice he must be thrilled with the size of his “package” because his shorts all but have a neon arrow pointing and flashing “Lookie Here!!” A few minutes later dh comes up to me & whispers “That’s Slave Boy.” Color me shocked. Sadly his tattoo was covered that day & I haven’t been in at the same time as him since. I’m kinda dissappointed I really wanted to see that tattoo.

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1 Response to Stealing from Whiz

  1. Karin says:

    Apparently there’s only 68 of me, Missy, but there is someone in the same city that has the same name as me – I know this because she works across the street, and people keep confusing the names.

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