It's my lucky day!

They came!!! All my lovely beads for Misty Morning Vineyard. Plus a couple extras, some beading needles for beading a cabochon (and cross stitch beading if I need them, you really never can have too many needles) and some Silamide for the same project. I didn’t know what color I wanted so I ordered all three. Plus shipping was free & they shipped my order 2 days after I put the order in, so I’m happy with Art Beads & will probably order from them again.

The part I got a kick out of:
I love that you have to put warnings on sewing needles now. I wonder what prompted this label? It’s probably better I don’t know. My blood pressure is good lately, why mess with it?

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1 Response to It's my lucky day!

  1. Sara says:

    Needles? Sharp? Ya think? LOL, that’s just sad and kinda scary that they actually have to label them as sharp objects.

    Can’t wait to see some pics of your Misty Morning Vineyard.

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