Martina Weber must be getting kickbacks…

from the silk thread compaines. Seriously, the woman is costing me an arm & a leg.
thready bits
Do you even want to know? $19.28 + tax. But I’m not going to blame Martina for the tax. See? I can be reasonable.

So only 3 more Silk ‘n Colors & 2 Waterlilies and  then I can finally start Misty Morning Vineyard. That doesn’t mean I’m done. No, I’ll still have to buy the rest of the Waterlilies & some duplicate Silk ‘n Colors. This will just get me stitching Part 1. I wish the beads would get here. They shipped a whole 8 days ago, and my mailman is starting to get twitchy from my constant stalking. Coward.

In other stitching news, I did finally start my Biscornu for the exchange. I can’t go into much detail, I don’t want to give away the surprise. But I have decided to go with my second idea, which is the “safer” of the two ideas. And I do think my recipent will like the design, it fits in with a theme I saw in her Wishlist. Plus I’m throwing in a few goodies that I’m 99.7% sure she will like. And if she doesn’t, she’s too nice of a person to complain publicly about it.

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1 Response to Martina Weber must be getting kickbacks…

  1. melanie says:

    You know, I had to give up Chatelaines. I just can’t afford to keep spending the money. So I’ve told myself when I finish Midi I and Egyptian Garden then I can have another one but I can only have 1 at a time.

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