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Jill sent me the pictures of the finished Catch The Wind today. I am in love. Do you see those flowers? I asked for “meadow flowers” nice and vague. What did I get? Daisies! My favorite flower. It was meant … Continue reading

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Ouch. That’s what Intralase (Lasik) is going to cost. That is if I actually get it done. I am a good canidate for it, but will of course need a full visit with the Doc to be sure. So we’ll … Continue reading

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One fuckin' thread…

Before: That’s last weekend’s work. It’s also from the post that my suck web hosting had for a snack. Here’s this weekend’s work: Hence, the title of this post. I was one fucking thread off on all those motif’s that … Continue reading

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Blog Issues

Sorry folks, I have no idea what is going on. Comments have disappeared, so has one of my posts… if you left a comment, I did not delete it. I love comments!! 🙂 I’ll harass the husband and see if … Continue reading

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Big internet stitching day

First, Karin put up a notice that she still had a few Pay It Forward places open. I pounced and got one of them!!! So now I’m putting up my own Pay It Forward, the first 5 people that drop … Continue reading

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The husband does good

Oooo see my pretty new necklace? I love it. The hubby is the best. *kiss* *kiss* (btw, it’s a gold key with diamonds & rubies) We also went out to lunch yesterday & I fed my sushi craving. Sushi Hana … Continue reading

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A little bit of stitching

Yesterday I sent my first piece to Jill Rensel Fine Art in Utah. She’s the gal that does all those spiffy Shepherd’s Bush mats. She also does fantastic framing of everything else she gets her hands on. Check out the … Continue reading

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