Biscornu Joy!


Oh Angi! She did such a beautiful job on the biscornu, which is Mary’s Pin Pillow. The button didn’t photograph well but it’s like a little crystal jewel there in the middle. I just love it to death. It’s sitting on my desk in front of my monitor with all my other desk swag.

And then she included mucho goodies from my wishlist. 3 skeins of Almond Wildflowers, 2 skeins of Cedar Waterlilies & 4 cards of Petite Treasure Braid. All of which I still needed for my Misty Morning Vineyard. I’m that much closer to starting now!

I’m just blown away…

Hopefully I’ll make my biscornu recipient as happy as Angi made me. (I did remember to take pictures, and if all goes well I should be posting by Saturday.)

In other stitching news: What should I do?

The right thing? Which is work on my poor neglected Deepest Love.
The fun thing? Which is start A New Beginning.
The crazy thing? Which is start And They Sinned?
Or D.? Work on them all & go ahead and start at least 1 more so I’ll have a nice round number of WIPs?

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2 Responses to Biscornu Joy!

  1. Melanie says:

    Why do the responsible thing? I vote C

  2. Karin says:

    Why do the sensible thing? My vote is for D.

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