Yes, I'm still here…

I just haven’t been at the computer much. I did finish Fuck Cancer, and I have the finishing work about 50% complete. I hope to finish this tomorrow.

I’ve been reading up a storm.

And I did a teeny tiny bit more on ATS. Some is better than none.

In the last five weeks I’ve only lost 3 lousy pounds. I did manage to take off 2&1/2 inches, but come on! 3 pounds. Color me pissed.

I’ve also been crampy lately. Calf and arms cramps. Tomorrow I’m going to pick up some potassium pills and see if they help any. (Yes, I am drinking plenty of water.)

And another Prediction:

Rachael Ray is getting really chubby lately. I think it’s all part of her evil plan to take over the world. You see she’s getting chubby so she can go on a diet and get all skinny and perkier (if that’s possible) and sell 1.2 million copies of her new diet cookbook.

Then she’ll get preggers and sell another zillion what to eat while preggers cookbooks.

Not that she’s totally evil, no one who came up the recipe for Polish Stir-Fry  can be 100% tool of the devil. But this stuff is so good it’s gotta have crack or something in it. I mean, me? voluntarily eat saurkraut?

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1 Response to Yes, I'm still here…

  1. JenJen says:

    My DH made the same prediction about Rachel Ray! 🙂

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