Clowns are *scary*

I always thought that whole “clowns are scary” bit was a over-played. I mean, I  understand toddlers getting the screaming hebie-jebies from them, but adults… come on people.

I’m sorry. I was wrong. I completely understand where you’re coming from:

whol-ley fuck...

Even the bear is scared. Or maybe he’s the ring leader. Check out the look on his face. He could very well be an axe murdering polar bear. But he gets a pass, you make me wear that hat and hang out with clowns… I could be an axe murder too.

Where did I find this fine example of modern American art? Why in my husband’s doctor’s office (one of his exam rooms, which even more frightening, had other disturbing child geared art on the walls, but this one by far was the winner). Of course dh yelled at me for whipping out my cell phone with the oh so niffty camera function. (See!!! I told you not to get me a camera phone, but did you listen? No, so you reap what you sow. Me taking pictures of freaky things and posting them all over the internets 😀 ) Oh and doctors shouldn’t make me wait. I’m worse than a two year old with the things I find to get into.

So that’s my profound blog post for the day. Between this and the gold unicorns I’m starting to wonder if there’s a secret government experiment in our local water supply.

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1 Response to Clowns are *scary*

  1. DH says:

    He is a good doctor, though…

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