I rock…

Again, no posting… too busy stitching. But I am thrilled, both my RR commitments for the next month are met. Here’s Cris’s Once Upon a Time.

almost finished


all done

She didn’t have that much left to go. But that castle & path is a total pain in the ass. The finished effect is lovely, but stitching it will drive you nuts. I recommend gridding at least that portion of the design.

In other news:

The Supreme Court is a bunch of assholes who should DIAF. Sorry, that’s a bit harsh. This is mostly Bush’s fault. He should DIAF.

Of course it’s not big deal when you run around a college campus stalking and harrassing women… It’s only an issue when men also become your victims. (Yes, I know there’s a big difference between killing someone & stalking them, but again no need to lock down the campus when it appears to be “domestic” in nature, women get killed all the time by their dirt bag boyfriends… no biggie.)

I’m a little pissed off today…

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