I went looking through my file of Needlework photos and came across this one:
lots 'o glossy paper

That was my magazine collection sometime last year. (I’ve only added maybe 5 or 7 to the total since then.)

I love magazines… but I’ve only ever stitched one design from all of these. Oh wait, that isn’t right. I forgot about all the ornaments I’ve done from the JCS issues. But if you don’t count them, it’s pitifully few. Look at all those designs… why do I have them if I’m not going to use them? Maybe it’s just like those issues of Woman’s Day and Family Circle I’m sucked into buying in the check-out aisle. I like looking and the pretty pictures and thinking “oh what a good idea!” But I hardly ever put them into practice.

I’m reminded of a post I saw over on The Wagon, a gal was talking about Martha Stewart’s magazine and how she was selling the fantasy. I think that’s what has happened with me and my cross stitching magazines.

P.S. Those magazine holders are from Ikea, they are *perfect* they hold the European magazines as well as the American and they were super cheap.

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