You’re serious? It’s freakin’ May?! May??? Where did April go? Where did Spring go? (Summer starts in May down here folks.)

We’re in the second quarter and I’ve done pretty much nothing so far this year. The second quarter starts in April?! Now you’re just being mean.

Everyone is posting May goals.

Glad I’m not that stupid. (not that posting goals is stupid, posting them when you *know* you’ll never meet them on the other hand…)

If I actually find 5 minutes to myself today I may sit down and stitch. I’m probably about 3 hours away from a finish on my current WIP. Plus finishing time. Crap.

Missycor (the evil) posted some Shoe Porn (tm) on her blog. I want to shop. I want cute shoes. Shoes I should be allowed to buy. Even if I lose 20 more pounds (which I want to desperately) they’ll still fit. See, I’m being economically responsible.

Today I also hit an Aerobics 101 class at 24 Hour Fitness. 5 years of dance ya’ll… and I’m surprised the rest of the class didn’t fall down laughing their skinny little asses butts off at me. Maybe in 2 or 3 months I’ll be able to raise my right arm and left knee at the same time. I better be 5 lbs lighter tomorrow morning after enduring that humiliation.

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