Dragon Dreams Exchange Results Show

Got word today that mine arrived safe & sound. And my gift from Annette came Friday, so here are the pics!

From Annette:
there be dragons...
She also included a little tin of chocolates. Those did not survive until picture time, and I wasn’t going to fish the tin out of the trash just so it could be pictured. The exchange piece was made into a very spiffy needlebook. The ribbon closure on the book is an exact match for the plume on the knight’s helm. I love little details like that. So blah blah blah, I’m thrilled!

What I sent to SuzanneN:
did i mention i hate dusting?
She’s so freakin’ cute! The fuzz is adorable. I stitched this little gal up on some 16ct. Khaki Heatherfield that has been in my stash for forever and a day, until now I hadn’t found anything that it was just right for. And the frame! I got so lucky. $2.98 at Wal-Mart. The red of the frame (it photographed kinda weird) is an exact match for the red flecks in the Heatherfield. I squealed with delight right there in the middle of the store when I saw it.

Oooo! Note, the chart (Dust Bunnies by Dragon Dreams duh…) says you’ll only need 1 card of Fuzzy Stuff for each design. I was a stingy bitch with the thread and I ran out, by a lot. So 2 cards definitely. And buy them together. The two cards I bought were different shades of grey. Luckily for me once I fuzzed the thread up with my boo-boo stick the difference is pretty unnoticeable unless you Really Look For It.

P.S. I have new pieces for both my RRs (Mira & UFO), but I haven’t stitched one little bit this week. I’ve been reading tons of books instead. I feel ready to pick up the needle again, so hopefully I’ll have at least one progress pic to show by mid-week.

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2 Responses to Dragon Dreams Exchange Results Show

  1. Melanie Simmonds says:

    Thank you for my Pay It Forward – I just received it today and I love it. They heard me squeaking when I opened it clear across the office. It may not be an ort jar for me – more likely it will hold my litter of pencils and highlighters that are currently spread across my stitching side table. It’s perfect!!

    I promise I’ll be getting my pay it forwards out soon!

  2. Melissa says:

    OMG! That is so freakin’ cute! I have this chart in my stash. I really need to pick up some fuzzy stuff and stitch it up since I’m a total bunny freak! 🙂

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