I read,

I read A Lot. Mostly I read fluff, little romances where everyone gets a happy ending or erotica where the happy endings come sooner. But occasionally I will pick up some general fiction where the ends are more uncertain.

Last night I finished one of those books. Priest by Ken Bruen. I adore Ken Bruen, the man says more in one page than most authors can say in a whole chapter. If you haven’t read anything of his yet please do give him a try. I suggest The White Trilogy, but anything with Detective Sergeant Brant is a winner in my opinion.

Back to Priest, there was one little passage that grabbed me. So much so that I want to share it.

“I could have given her the talk on how violence takes a bit of your soul, that damaging another person diminishes your humanity, but there was no way of saying that without sounding like a prick, so I said,…”

See? Deep stuff there. A sharp, perfect point that goes straight to the heart. Read his books, the man is brilliant.

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