I am Shopzilla

and I have been on the hunt. Trophy pics!!!!

Not the best pic, but as we all know shiny = hard to photograph.
Upper left to right: fake jade with bronzish leaves, dark copper & black chains stars and moons, silver hoops with grey/blue pearl and jade bead.
Lower left to right: white mother of pearl (so summer! I love these), and big ol’ gold stars. All for less than $25

a big un

Super big, over the top and lined with black & white leopard print. With a cell pocket that says “Call Me” and the lip stick pocket (yes, it has a lipstick pocket. you mean it isn’t standard in your purses?) says “Kiss Me”. I had to have it. BTW, $21. tee hehehe!!!!

big haul

Top left to right: 3 Merino Wool blend cardigan sweaters for (you ready?) $6.41 each. So of course I bought 3 in black, dark grey and tan. Red faux wrap knit tank (much nicer than I describe it, this is dressy not casual) $9. Lavendar scoop neck top, $2.44. Wrangler brand dark brown v-neck t-shirt with (OMG Ponies!!!) running horse graphic, $2.44.
Bottom left to right: Circle side zip cotton skirt, $4.44. 2 pair of knit shorts (for exercise) $5.99 each. Champion coral pink shorts, $3.88.

And what did I do with all those savings? I went and blew it at Frederick’s of Hollywood. 2 bras, 1 matching panty and “robe” (I use that term lightly as it doesn’t cover much of anything). It was all worth it, I totally had forgotten how smokin’ a Freddy’s bra makes the girls look.  The sad part? These are the first pretties I’ve bought myself in over 10 years.

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2 Responses to I am Shopzilla

  1. Michelle says:

    Awesome haul – I can’t believe how little you spent on all that stuff! Good for you treating yourself to Frederick’s!

  2. DH says:

    You know…I _did_ pick out much of this stuff…

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