Yet More Mira

Leftie of Tea for Three

This is Autumn’s RR. Only one more round to go and this will be all done. I’m really going to miss this one. It’s been a very talented group. I’ve only seen one picture that made me think “She’ll be frogging that when it gets home”. And that was only 1 block so not bad at all.

In other news I *must* share my latest Clearence Sale Gold. I won’t say what I paid, but I paid about 1/2 of retail:

East End Beauty

It’s her East End clutch and I fell in Love with it last week at Saks Off 5th. Luckily Moms sent my b-day check so I felt zero guilt about buying myself a little something pretty. And because I waited a week… Saks rewarded me with an additional 20% off.

Alright, about the j.o.b. I will take blame for this much. It was not bright to go back to work for the first time in 11 years the same month Andy (hubby) went back to school to get his MBA.

Now for the rest of it. Andy can not deal with having a working wife. I worked a measley 12 hours a week. I worked 3-8 Tuesday & Wednesday and 3-6 Fridays. On those days I’d do all my normal stuff during the days; cleaning, shopping, errands, doctor appointments etc. And I’d schedule all of Win’s (son) allergy shots, doctor appointments for days I didn’t work, so I would be the one doing them. On days I’d work I would come home, clean the kitchen, clean the cat box and then have to deal with whatever else needed dealt with. Sometimes this included checking/signing Win’s homework, why? ‘Cause Andy hadn’t done it. Sometimes I’d have to tell Win to practice his piano, because Andy hadn’t done it. One time Andy forgot to take Win to piano practice (practice he had agreed to take Win to before I even signed Win up for it). Then, THEN!!! Andy complained about me never cooking anymore, and I was to blame for him gaining weight because he wasn’t eating right.

But the real truth (I think) of why I had to quit: Andy, “I don’t like being home by myself at night.”

I swear I’m still so upset by that I could scream. I spent 3-1/2 years of nights “alone” (except for a preschooler) while he got his math degree. I spent the nights he wasn’t at school alone because he was also traveling 15 days out of the month. And when he was home, well he had to study and sleep sometime.

So here I am again, he’s back in school (3 nights a week) and now the only change, I’m home with a 10 year old.

That’s not to say I think Andy’s had a cake walk all these years. Going to school & working both full time is not easy. And yes he is doing it to give us a better life. Or me HUGE alimony if he even thinks about replacing me. 😉

But I swear to Christ: DO NOT WHINE TO ME ABOUT BEING LONELY. You haven’t even brushed the surface of lonely.

When we moved from Alabama to Texas (after the math degree was finished) I insisted on a house in a subdivision in ‘burbs because I wanted other kids around for Win. I think now a lot of that insisting was for me, so I wouldn’t live out in the sticks isolated (seriously they didn’t even run cable out to our house) again.

Whew, ok I think I feel a little bit better.

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1 Response to Yet More Mira

  1. Melissa says:

    OMFG. Men are SUCH babies. I was alone for about 6 years while he worked nights. I pretty much raised our kids up by myself because for our whole marriage, he’s either been working or sleeping. I had to find my own interests and make my own life. Then, when he was briefly unemployed this fall, all of the sudden he wanted my attention and kept whining. I finally had to lay the smackdown on him and explain that if I hadn’t created my own life, I would have left him long ago. UGH. You have my sympathies.

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