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It Came!!!!

Behold my kit for The Queen’s Treasure Chest! I pre ordered this lot from Needlecraft Corner back in January. She had been waiting on the Glorianas, but it was worth the wait. And the mother of pearl pieces (thread winder, sorter & ruler) are so heavy! Now … Continue reading

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Since Wednesday

I have baked Nigella’s Nectarine and Blueberry Galette: It was ridiculously easy and delicious! I have shopped. (quel surprise!) With My Needle’s Bunnies in the Garden to feed my bunny fetish. kinky And Cricket Collection’s Wedding Angels. I don’t really like the design, the … Continue reading

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Meeting Goals

I’ve finished my first (albeit a very small one) goal on Misty Morning Vineyard: I’m stitching this one exactly as charted, right down to the recommended fabric. Those NPI silks are killing me. I want them for *everything* now. Tres … Continue reading

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A Productive Weekend

I know! I’m as shocked as you. First the last Mirabilia Round Robin piece (besides my own): I finished off the July Fairy. Scary stash story, when I stitched the bridesmaid I coverted her colors to  a yellow dress and … Continue reading

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Framing the moon

More fantastic framing from the fantastic Jill Rensel.  This is for the baby boy of my mom’s friend’s daughter. Stitched on 28ct. Lugana Silkweaver Solo. (I know so origianal, everyone does this piece on a solo.) Stitched as charted with the “boy colors”. The frame is actually gold, it just photographed silver. And the painting on it says: “I see … Continue reading

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I've been a Good Girl

and finished Marjean’s Mira RR *gasp* last night. I know! I can hardly believe it myself. I’m not done done with it though. Another stitcher became ill during the course of the RR and wasn’t able to complete her July … Continue reading

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Happy Monday

Big post full of pics! 1. And They Sinned And a close up of the sun: So ya’ll will remember that I’m throwing in fancy stitches where ever the mood strikes. Well the mood struck, I had originally filled the sun with satin … Continue reading

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Crabby All F'in' Year

Yup, that’ll be me in 2008. My goal is to stitch 1 block a month. Anyone wanna make bets as to whether or not I meet my goal? Yeah, I thought not. It is fun to stitch. Except for all that … Continue reading

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The Needle Is Smoking

I blame the dregs of Guilt Free January. I started 2 new projects (on the 30th & 31st): First Misty Morning Vineyard I blame in no particular order; Karin, Missycor, Susan, Annette, The Chatelaine BB, Jenn & my secret stitching pal who gifted … Continue reading

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