Happy Monday

Big post full of pics!

1. And They Sinned

See I've made progress

And a close up of the sun:

f'in Darlene

So ya’ll will remember that I’m throwing in fancy stitches where ever the mood strikes. Well the mood struck, I had originally filled the sun with satin stitches, but after stitching the rays, I didn’t like how it looked. So out they went. Then I’m flipping through my copy of the Proper Stitch, and O’Steen recommends the rice stitch as a nice filling stitch. I took her advice. 18 hours and 3/4 of the sun filled I’m deeply regreting it. (Ok, it wasn’t 18 hours, but it SEEMS like it.) I’m ok with the rice, but not thrilled. Please oh please don’t let me get another bright idea <lame pun; sorry> and have to redo this part again.

Btw, I have mentioned Adam’s getting a penis right? I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to thank Darlene for that stitch also. 😉

And because I took a picture: A New Beginning

Frogging replaced

Woo-hoo!! Isn’t she pretty? I finally could bear to look at it again after having to frog out umpteen hours worth of work. I had to rip out the brown that’s to the left of the blue medallion, the top two motifs to the right of it, and the lower right motif too. But now it’s fixed and I finished a bit more too. I love that A. It’s from one of the old Sanjou booklets that have been scanned and posted on the web.

The Mirabilia RR continues, I went with Enchanted Dreamer. Behold in progress!

I'm so sleepy, I'll just nap here in this weird position...

She’s moving along very fast, and I may finish her by Tuesday. Hahahahahahaha! (That’s my schedule mocking me, I haven’t got a prayer.)

And because I’m mean and my karama isn’t messed up enough already:


Killer, with a witty come back as always.

I hate you guys

Tycho traumatized, and hiding, again.

One of these days woman...

And The Blackjack, plotting my death for this.

I thank whoever (I can’t remember your name right now, but I think your kitty/victim was Avatar) on The Wagon who pointed these out to me. (Target, 99 cents!)

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2 Responses to Happy Monday

  1. Karin says:

    Looks fantastic! And your kitties are so sweet, although I’m sure they’re thinking evil thoughts….

  2. Melissa C. says:

    OMG, I must have cat ties. Speckles got her butt shaved at the groomer yesterday, so she hates me anyway. I might as well have some fun.

    WIPS look great! I love your ATS! I got an email from Wyndham that parts of my order are backordered, so I just have to suffer awhile longer. I can’t even order fabric yet, because I need the chart to figure out what size I need. I’m not stitching the alphabet, so that changes the calculations. Sulk.

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