A Productive Weekend

I know! I’m as shocked as you.

First the last Mirabilia Round Robin piece (besides my own):

It's been fun ladies!

I finished off the July Fairy. Scary stash story, when I stitched the bridesmaid I coverted her colors to  a yellow dress and blue ribbons. So I used different beads too. I went through the stash to see what I had on hand (because too bad if I didn’t have it, I wasn’t going to buy them, I’m nice but I’m cheap) I had them *all*. I have way too many beads. Really it’s becoming an issue. Maybe I should stitch more or something…

Next up Crabby All Year. The February block flew, I swear it only took 2 maybe 3 evenings to stitch up. That and I was giggling and singing Love Stinks in my head the whole time.


And on Saturday 1/2 my order from Needlecraft Corner arrived.

Lizzie Lust
The other 1/2 is on its way. Soon. One of these days. Not Drema’s fault, she warned me that the Glorianas for The Queen’s Treasure Chest were probably going to take a while to get her. Besides it isn’t like I’m lacking things to stitch.

So that’s that, and hopefully my next post will be my finish of MY MiraRR and then ya’ll won’t have to hear about it anymore. Until framing…

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2 Responses to A Productive Weekend

  1. Melissa says:

    Too many beads. Hah. Like there is such a thing.

  2. Jenn says:

    I had almost given up on your blog, just checked it on a whim today and found a whole bunch more entries! Have really enjoyed doing the Mira RR with you – I have liked all the sections you stitched. 🙂

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