Meeting Goals

I’ve finished my first (albeit a very small one) goal on Misty Morning Vineyard:

beaded and everything

I’m stitching this one exactly as charted, right down to the recommended fabric. Those NPI silks are killing me. I want them for *everything* now. Tres luscious.

Whilst stitching on MMV this morning the word that popped into my head for the beading was “monstrous” which our friends at MW define as: having extraordinary often overwhelming size & deviating greatly from the natural form or character & very great. All of these fit, and they also apply to monster trucks. Because after I thought monstrous, I thought of monster trucks and realized that yes, Chatelaines are the monster trucks of the cross stitching world.

I think Lizzie Kates are the Volkswagon Beetles.

More stash has arrived:

I’m almost ashamed to admit what I paid for it. Ok, not really. $103 + shipping. That’s for the Ergo (brand new!) and the chart holder. Score indeed. 😀 Ignore the Maker’s Mark in the background, it’s for research purposes only. Ugh, I need to clean house…

And from Gigi via Vikki Clayton:

M is for Melissa!
I’m not thrilled with the silk I picked. It’s Lilac Mist 2131. Now don’t get me wrong the silk is very nice, I’m just not loving the color. Well, I do like the color but I’m not sure I love it for this project. But the more I look at I think “Maybe on that Evening Blue Murano you have; you know that’s been sitting in the fabric dungeon box for 5 years.” So I’ll have to go pull the fabby (which is probably at the bottom of the box) and 1. Check to see if it is big enough 2. Toss the floss and see if it sticks.

Oh and last but not least!!!! I’m trying to put together a Winter Themed Neighborhood Round Robin. We already have 4 stitchers that have said yes and we need at least two more. So please stop on by and take a look if you’ve got the urge and time to join (another Round Robin! you know who you are!) us.

In other unrealted news I’m sick. I’ve got some sort of funk/crud. I feel icky and headachy. It’s not a cold, it’s not the flu hence Funk-crud. I’m feeling a smidge better today than I was yesterday, but I so do not need this crap right now. I’m leaving 2/29 to go see family and I really really REALLY wanted to be in size 8 pants. That is not going to happen if I keep missing days at the gym. And Andy’s dad & stepmom are coming to visit 3/14 and I’ve already begun the Company Is Coming Cleaning. That means everything has to been clean, baseboards, cabinet doors, walls wiped & dusted etc. Basically if it holds still I wash it.

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3 Responses to Meeting Goals

  1. Suz says:

    Congrats on the progress on MMV. I hate you for paying that much for your stand, it makes me a bit shamed of what I paid for mine :p

  2. Melissa says:

    I think I have a giant piece of evening blue murano too. Let me know if you want it.

  3. Valerie says:

    I have a Gazelle2 (from the same company as your Ergo) and I love it!!! I hope that you get as much enjoyment from your stand as I have gotten from mine.

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