The crazy busy bits are over. Or at least they’d better be, and I’m back with a big update.

First proud Mommy brag:

Win fencing
That’s my boy! there with the big Walker across his back. He’s only been fencing since January 1st of this year and this was his first tournament (Saturday 3/15) and out of 18 boys in his class he finished 13th! That’s really good for a beginner. He even won two of his first round bouts (one against a boy who had been fencing for over 2 years), but he was knocked out in the first round of single elimination… by the boy who won Silver. So no shame there! And best of all Win really seemed to enjoy himself and said that he’d like to go to more tournaments.

On to stitching;  I’m still (shocking!) up to date with Crabby All Year. I left off the bits of wind flake in the March block. 1. Because wind flakes? sounds like a euphemism for farting in a Victorian Gothic and I thought they weren’t neccessary to the block. 2. I hate stitching those little single stitches here and there and if I don’t think the piece Needs them, I ain’t doing them.


And as always I’ve been shopping.

Raise the Roof is doing some of the best stuff lately. I bought Happy Camper to stitch up for my mom and step-dad to put in their RV. They spend just about every weekend Spring and Summer camping so I thought this would be nice for them, even though my mom camps with running hot & cold water and a satellite dish. And I fell in love with Wrong Side of the Tracks. So I bought the border and Shiner’s, the bikini wax shop and bailbondsman are next. 🙂

another BAP

I finally gave in and bought Mirabilia’s reindeer. I do plan on stitching them all, but I will wait until they all are released. And yes, I’ll be putting them all on one big piece of fabric.

These are Praiseworthy Stitches Skating Party and Plum Street’s Salem Sister 2. Skating Party will be the center of my Winter Neighborhood RR (if it ever gets off the ground). And I had to get Salem because I have the first one, which I really have to get stitching on. I have the fabric and threads but no time. The picture is cropped strangely because I had the chart for my Fair and Square exchange in there, but I don’t want to show it yet just in case my partner checks my blog.

And last but not least Chatelaine made the Mermaid’s Treasure Box available again so I jumped on it with both feet. My finishing instructions from Judy Odell are on their way too.

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1 Response to Whew…

  1. Melissa says:

    Congratulations to your son. That is fantastic!!

    I’m going to be picking up the Wrong Side of the Tracks series too. RTRs have the best skewed sense of humor. I totally love them. Crabby is looking great. I’m planning that one for Mom.

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