This isn't going well

This being my life at the moment. I’m pretty sure I’ve caught a cold. Since Tuesday I’ve had mutliple people ask me if I’m feeling alright (I must look worse than I feel, I feel moderately crappy, but aparently I look serverly crappy). I don’t know how many stupid mistakes I’ve made. Things like not being able to insert 4 AA batteries into my scale. Which didn’t need new batteries, I need new math skills.

I *think* I’d like to stitch, but I’m so worried about making a huge mess of it that I haven’t picked anything up to work on it.

My weight is up. Yes it’s only 4lbs and I’m still the same size, but it’s the Principal Of The Thing. And damn it, am I ever going to be done dieting?! When this all started I said I’d be happy @ a size 10. Well I’m a 10 and I’m not happy. I’m 90% sure I’m sabotaging myself at this point. It’s like I’ve got some sort of mental block to being thin. I’ve started kicking around the idea of a shrink.

Ds might have asthma. Happy day. We don’t know yet, if the cough (he’s had for 3 weeks) comes back after this latest round of antibiotics we’ll be pretty sure it is asthma. And if the cough doesn’t come back? Well then it was just walking pneumonia. Just. Joy, I’m wishing pneumonia on my kid.

I did finish my Fair & Square exchange so now I’m just waiting on the Post Office until I can post a pic. I can hardly wait, I think I did a pretty nice job if I do say so myself.

Anyway, if you’re still reading feel free to throw some excess pity my way. Next post should have pictures and happy stash and cross stitch ramblings in it.

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4 Responses to This isn't going well

  1. Vonna says:

    This too shall pass…I was feeling down some weeks ago and it seemed to drag on forever and then I got waylaid by the longest lasting, nose running, deep hacking coughing cold that I’m just now getting over….so I can commiserate! It all will look up soon I hope 😉
    Anxious to see those squares!

  2. Sonda in OR says:

    Sounds like a downright cruddy week…hope this next one is better. I got your squares and I must say I LOVE them and everything else that you sent!!! Used the bag at the grocery store today. It’s too late tonight for me to get pics up on the F&S site, but I’ll do it tomorrow!!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Ugh, I hate when people ask me if I’m feeling okay. Usually I just respond with something nasty like, “Oh, so I look like shit today, huh?” and they never inquire after my health again. Try that out. 😉 Sorry to hear about the (suspected) asthma. That really bites. Is it appropriate to say, “Good luck with the pneumonia”?

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