A Good Exchange

I think we’ve all had a bad exchange. You know you stitch up a beautiful design, spend extra on special threads or buttons and get a bread cloth with a goose that was designed in 1983 on it in return.

So thank you Sonda for not being a goose stitcher!


Isn’t it cute? Hug a tree, I love it. I may finish it into something to go into Win’s bedroom, he was born on Arbor Day 1997 so I think it would be very fitting.

Sonda also sent along some nice goodies, I was really happy to see the Carrie’s Threads. No on local to me stocks them and I have been meaning to try them. I also liked the post card. I’m stealing that idea for future exchanges.

What I gave Sonda:

I stitched up the Trilogy’s Spring Tree. And oh would you look there; a bunny. Easy and fun to stitch, except for the two tiny bees (which I think are almost impossible to see) they turned out cute in person but were a bit of a bitch to stitch. Unfortunately I didn’t find Sonda’s blog until 2 days before mailing. It wasn’t listed on the Fair & Square blog and I stubbled across it after I had done my stitching. I didn’t see it in her albums but she had already stitched this for herself. On the bright side I did pick something that was her taste and she did say she may make matching needlecase/pinkeep out of them which is a good idea.

So that’s my first Fair & Square and after careful thought and schedule checking I have signed up for a second exchange, #8.

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1 Response to A Good Exchange

  1. Sonda in OR says:

    Now listen here, little Missy ;O) You’d better not feel bad about stitching me another Spring Tree!! I truly like the design and I like having two. I honestly would not stitch a design twice for myself…there’s too many others out there! It was an awesome exchange!!

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