Stitching for baby

My bestest most favorite cousin Rachel is having a baby! Yes, the cousin the ill fated baby shower was for. She’s due in early May so I was trying to get a jump on her baby’s sampler.

Sweet Sweet Babe

Sam Sarah’s Sweet Sweet Babe, which I think goes very well with the theme for baby’s room. All we know is that she’s having a boy, and I couldn’t do anymore without the b-day anyway. So once the hitch-hiker makes his appearance I can finish up the stitching, slap on a few buttons and off to Jill Rensel it goes. I’m going to send Jill links to the bedding and the furniture Rachel’s picked out, I think with that info Jill will be able to come up with something that’ll be perfect for the room.

I could say that this is what I’ve been working on while I wasn’t posting this past week, but that’s not true. I’ve been reading. Kelley Armstrong’s newest, J.D. Robb’s, Jim Butcher’s & Kim Harrison’s latest also. Along with some other junk too. But Rachel called me Friday for a chat and it made me feel guilty for letting this rot on my stand, I wrapped up the stink lines at the top of the heart and the side flowers in a just a couple of hours this morning. I had finished the lion’s share of it two weeks ago. It is an easy stitch, but what can I say? The new releases got the better of me.

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1 Response to Stitching for baby

  1. Melissa says:

    Very sweet sampler!

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