It must be a miracle

Here it is April and I’m still up to date with Crabby All Year!


I seriously considered changing out 3 of question marks to W T F, but after I had to frog 75% of this block due to: not being able to count to 60 and not being able to stitch a straight line; I just figured I should let it be and quit while I was ahead. Now the tax form is missing it’s lines, but the chart recommended leaving those until all blocks were stitched so they wouldn’t get snagged. It sounded to me like the model stitcher had issues, and I chose to be smart and take the free advice.

Now on to some older stash that came in the mail a couple of weeks ago. How in the hell did I miss this when it was released?!!!?


oooohhhh spoooooky

in a coffin!
This is just a little bit of the awesome, I mean he comes in his own coffin! With full spools of the Kreniks too. If you need your own little Voodoo Boy you can still get him from Haberdashery Designs. Who knows when I’ll get around to stitching him, but I’m really hoping before Halloween. But that’s what I’ve said about my two Salem Sisters charts… anywho, the only question now is; am I evil enough to stuff some of dh’s hair and toe nail clippings into the stuffing? 😉

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1 Response to It must be a miracle

  1. Melissa says:

    LOL WTF would have been brilliant! I haven’t seen that Voodoo Boy before either. He’s fantastic.

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