The boys are here!

(we’ll just gloss over the little I haven’t posted in over a month thing…)

Parker James:

And it was done 2 days before he turned 1 month. Not bad if I say so myself. And because he’s family and absolutely adorable… Baby Pic!!!

Second baby Braed*yn (note the * is put there by me so the name won’t turn up on a Google search) seriously… F*ckin’ Braed*yn? pronounced bray-den. Sounds like a donkey. Looks like mom doesn’t know how to spell. Whatever. Snowflake is going to go through life being called Branden, Brady Quinn; and getting the “oh you’re *special*” look. (If you haven’t guessed the kid ain’t family, for family I’d keep my tirade to myself.)

So enough of my venom, both are off to Jill for framing and as soon as she sends me pics, you’ll be seeing them.

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2 Responses to The boys are here!

  1. Melissa says:

    First of all cute finishes and ADORABLE baby!

    Second, I totally agree with stupid spellings. UGH! I hate them! I had typed “how trailer park” but then deleted it because I didn’t want to offend any readers who live in a mobile home park. But then I decided, screw it. Besides, there’s a difference between “trailer” and “mobile home” and ridiculous spellings are definitely trailer.

  2. JenJen3574 says:

    I actually like the name Braeden – though I wouldn’t have done the exotic spelling. I’ve always been annoyed by exotic spellings, though the worst I’ve seen is my own brother’s name, which is Mathew. Yes, just one ‘t’. My mother is a little “special” herself and thought the extra ‘t’ would confuse him when he was learning to spell/read. Forget that the rest of the world will always spell it with two ‘t’s and he’ll be confused why his is different!

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