Fantasy Exchange

I really was stitching and doing useful (kinda, sorta, well maybe…) stuff while I wasn’t posting.

Over on the Rotation Stitchers BB there was a Fantasy Exchange. I was *only* 6 days late mailing.

Fall Dragon
Cross My Heart’s Fall Dragon, stitched on 28ct? black linen finished off as a book cover (idea from Focus on Finishing). Really really crappy pic. And I didn’t take a picture of the goodies I sent. What can I say, I was running behind. But I do have to say how much I HATED and LOATHED that damn chart. Quarter stitches, BF, enough backstitching for a freakin’ TW, and just general asshatery in abundance. I gave my partner in the exchange the other 3 seasonal dragon charts because there is no way in hell I would stitch them. I also sent along retractable highlighters (love these things!) and gave her a HAED chart (Merlin and Arthur) from her wish list. Oh and the book cover is covering a blank journal.

And here’s what I got from Kate!

Very nice haul. Cute little stitched oval box and stitched book mark! Folding scissor, round measuring tape (I had been wanting one of these), piece of fabric, marking pins, two new needles and some more thread (in a yummy color). I’ve been on a roll lately with the good exchanges. Lucky me!

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1 Response to Fantasy Exchange

  1. Sonda in OR says:

    Lovely exchanges! I can sympathize with the chart-hating!!

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