I'm going to Pompeii!

Sorta… MFAH is hosting an exhibit: Pompeii: Tales from an Eruption and all of us (dh & ds) are going this Friday. They’re not allowing any photography so I’ll probably spring for the $25 catalog. I’m willing to bet it’ll have better pictures that what I would take anyway.

Let’s see other misc.

Win had his first piano recital linky to YouTube vid. He’s playing “I Will Remember You”. And a mug shot of him in his tie.

I’m also abnormally proud of myself. I replaced the toliet seat in Win’s bathroom with one of those fancy slow close/no slam seats. I LOVE this thing. Behold an action shot!

I love it so much I’ve bought one for the downstairs powder room too.

And just ’cause I think it’s a cute, albeit very pointy picture, of Killer.

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1 Response to I'm going to Pompeii!

  1. Melissa says:

    I watched the clip. He did a great job!! I can always tell when kiddos go a good job because I can actually recognize the song they’re supposed to be playing. LOL

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