Fergie ain’t got nothin’ on me. I’m Crabalicious. I’m also caught up!

Bunny!!! And lazy daises. I love stitching those. And the carrot, so cute… I have also just scored my very own copy of Nigella’s How To Eat and while stitching the above the recipe for Peter Rabbit in Mr McGregor’s Salad kept runing through my head. Twisted no? And speaking of twisted in this picture you can see my new q-snap fabric buffers. Vonna over at the Twisted Stitcher showed on her blog not too long ago that she uses felt as her buffer and it was like a light went off in my head. I had been using cotton scraps, but felt is much superior. With the felt I can get my fabric drum head tight (which while maybe not the *best* thing in the world for the fabric, I love it).

Bugs, see this is where those little scattered stitches make sense. They are obviously nats.

And there it is folks, all caught up!

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1 Response to Crabalicious

  1. Melissa says:

    It’s official – you are not normal. NO ONE likes lazy daisies. Okay, maybe I just hate them with the fury of a thousand suns. I might copy you and do a block a month…NEXT year.

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