How long can it be "new"?

When just about every post for a week has been about ANB. A little bit more done…

Haven’t worked on it yet today because I’ve been out spoiling myself. As usual.

The first is my new pedi, OPI’s Rinse Charming with a top coat of Paris Couture For Sure Glitter Coat. And the mani is I’ve Red the Script also by OPI. Chan (my nail girl) was feeling creative today so on the ring finger nail she put a little silver & blue flourish.

Last night instead of stitching more on ANB I finished reading Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow. (do yourself a favor and read this, especially if you like dark fantasy/urban fantasy) I it read instead of Hamilton’s Blood Noir (which I borrowed from the library, I do not waste money on her anymore) which I could only force myself to skim, reminded me of the only fan fic I’ve ever “written”. Wanna read it? Too bad here goes:

We join our herione Anita on the drive back from New Mexico at the end of Obsidian Butterfly. *Gasp* *Oh Noes!!!* there is a massive car cash. (We’ll say it was a drunk driver, everyone hates drunk drivers.) Antia is killed. Really SHE IS DEAD. This parrot is no more.

Her body is claimed by her family (poor Antia, never got around to making her will on Legal Zoom) and those bastards cut a deal with the Vatican. In exchange for special dispensation to inter Antia’s cremated remains in Holy Ground, the Vatican demands her remains be kept in a secret blessed crypt deep inside Vatican City where NO necromancer will ever be able to get to her. (Really Zombie Antia, that’d be a twist on necrophilia right there.)

Back in St. Louis within a week Richard & Jean Claude have a knock down (literally, they bring Narcissus in Chains down in a flaming heap on their heads) fight arguing over whose fault it is that Anita is dead, killing each other and all others in the club. Really dead; not just vamp dead.

Asher, smart man he is, wasn’t there and lives to take over the city, kicks the wolves to the curb and lets the rats have the run of the place.


See how nice, now we don’t have to suffer through anymore Anita via poorly written Penthouse Forum.

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1 Response to How long can it be "new"?

  1. Oooh, I can finally comment on your blog! I loved the Crabby pics a few days back. I’m planning to stitch my Crabby in 2009. Love it! ANB is gorgeous! You WILL love it when it’s finished.

    Love the nails! I’m afraid I’m like Melissa. My nails thrive on neglect. I do paint the toes in the summer – when I remember.

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