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So instead of doing laundry

or cleaning the kitchen and getting the trash ready for tomorrow (trash day) I’m blogging instead. First Thursday business. The “Black Cherry” manicure. Bottom coat is Urban Attitude (black) with a top coat of (my fav!!!) Ruby Pumps, both by … Continue reading

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I've been quiet… too quiet

So you know there’s a lot up. 1. Still no PTP fabric (for the WinterRR) or beads & braids for TOT. I hate to wait. I mean it, I really hate to wait. I’m calling tomorrow and asking when they … Continue reading

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A New Finishing

Amazing what you can accomplish when you have enough thread. My Weeks Amber & Chestnut arrived in yesterday’s mail and I finished the stitching (about 2 hours worth) at noon today. I got a “that looks nice” from the husband … Continue reading

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Finally I can sit down

First chance I’ve had to sit down all day. Well except for my mani/pedi – ’cause it’s Thursday dontcha know. Princesses Rule! by OPI, the pedi matches so no need for a pic of my fugly toes. Aren’t you lucky? … Continue reading

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2 Years & 4 months (approx.) later…

She’s finally finished. I put the last beads on her at 11 am today. Stitched on 28ct. Ocean Fantasy Lugana from Silkweaver. I would like to thank the members of the UFO 2007 Round Robin. Cris Goldie Diana Megan Without … Continue reading

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Poor Beadless Trick or Treat

1. It’s an easy stitch. 2. I’m about 75% done and have found no errors. 3. You will need a full skein of 3371 or close to it. 4. You use 3354 for exactly 1 stitch, so if you have … Continue reading

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Deepest what now?

I have the attention span of a hamster… haven’t touched Deepest Love since last update. But she’s being a bitch so screw her. We’ve got a Winter/Christmas Themed Neighborhood Round Robin starting up on the Worldwide Round Robin BB (sign … Continue reading

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So here's where I'm at…

Tail frogged. Where I darned in some dmc because I broke threads frogging. (insert 20 minute profanity laced tirade here) As of today. And the color of the week: OPI’s Senorita Rose-alita

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Deepest Frustration

Nice huh? See the circled bit? Well that’s where the counting mistake was made. And the rest of the tail was built off of that bit. One stitch too low and four stitches too far to the right. It’s all … Continue reading

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A brief history of my Deepest Love

*not* 2002 2007, pre-UFORR 2007, post-UFORR July 2008 Seriously. SIX years. And today is Thursday, which around here means fresh manicure! One of my current favs. Two colors of China Glaze, base coat of Go Crazy Red with a top … Continue reading

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