Deepest Frustration

Nice huh?

See the circled bit? Well that’s where the counting mistake was made. And the rest of the tail was built off of that bit. One stitch too low and four stitches too far to the right. It’s all going to have to be frogged. I’ve looked and looked and then looked some more. The curve of the tail and the sweep of the seaweed are not going to be fudgable. If it were just one stitch too low I could’ve made it work but this… it just can’t be worked around. Now I’m not sure if this is the good or bad part. I didn’t stitch that bit. One of the ladies in the UFO RR did. Two points to the good, 1. I didn’t waste my time stitching something that is going to be ripped out. 2. No one else in the RR built off that part, so nothing else got screwed up. I know it wasn’t done on purpose (although I am a bit of a bitch maybe I finally pissed off the wrong person…) but it’s just so frustrating!!!! If it hadn’t been for this I would’ve finished by today. I found the mistake Friday… and I just haven’t been working on it much because of it because I knew it wouldn’t be a quick finish now. *sigh*

Alright enough of that. In happy news:

My newest purse and matching cosmetic bag! I’m so happy with it. The lining of the little bag matches the purse lining too. It is soooooo nice. Etsy is my new crack. Link to seller. From Japan to Texas in 8 days. I’ve had packages from CA take longer than that.

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2 Responses to Deepest Frustration

  1. suz says:

    1) The purse: Awesome.

    And as for the UFORR, that is the one thing that scares the bejeezus out of me on UFORRs… that either I will miscount on someone’s or someone will miscount on mine. And I think my least favorite job is when you get someone’s UFO and it’s their UFO because it’s messed up, and you spend 15 or 20 hours fighting with it, because you don’t want to frog or fudge, or whatever. Agh, so frustrating. And why I have to be 100% awake and alert (no headaches, or tired) when I start working on someone’s. I’m sure it was an accident (there, my optimism statement of the day). It’s a shame you can’t fudge it.

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh man. This totally SUCKS. I am so sorry! I fudged a rather large mistake in mine and it’s too bad you can’t do the same here. 😦

    That purse is awesome. LOL

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