Showing some progress

I bought Misty Morning Vineyard when it was a mystery you do know. January 2003. I didn’t have it fully kitted, maybe 1/3 of the way, but instead of spending my stash money on finishing kitting and I dunno – stitching it! I let it languish. And that is a crying shame because it is beautiful in person.

And here it is with parts 1 & 12 (12 is the very center) complete. I’ve already stitched about a third of part 2 between last night (watching National Treaure 2; ugh crap on a stick, but the kid liked it and it was rented for him) and this morning (Project Runway – how in the hell didn’t Leanne’s dress win!?!?!? Heidi and I both said we’d wear it, what more do the judges want???!!!!).

Cheryl, it’s just the rhodes I don’t like, I love the fabric – Ice Blue cashel, which is what the chart called for IIRC.

Ok my Celebrations schedule (if I get all the classes I want and the airline runs on time):

Thursday – arrive 10:45am ish. Strawberry box – 1pm-3:45pm

Friday – Miss Liberty 2pm-5pm & the Friday night event/dinner whatever it is.

Saturday – Autumn Etui 9am – 11:45 pm and my flight leaves about 4pm.

Ugh, what was I thinking a 9am class?! When we get closer to Celebration I’ll Yuku message Melissa, Annette, Cheryl (and anyone else who is going to be there!) my cell phone #.

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2 Responses to Showing some progress

  1. Jan says:

    Wow. That is gorgeous. I love the colors. Keep at it!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thursday I’m in Pineapple Quest 11-3, and in the evening round robin events from 7-9. Call me as soon as Strawberry Box is done!!

    Friday I’m in Petticoat Row from 8 (ouch that’s early) – 11:45, so maybe we can grab lunch that day before your class. We’ll work it out.

    I can’t wait for October.

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