Promised Pictures

China Glaze, Urban Attitude with Flying Dragon on top. Not recommended, it is chipping like crazy.

Poor kitty. Poor kitty’s bandage is now off. She’s fine. Except when dh is watching, then she limps. Me? I’m stuck chasing her down to give her the antibiotic.

Latest update, I had to put it away for a bit to work on….

Fair & Square #8, no picture until it arrives at my partners house… in Finland!

And TOT:

Quick & dirty, I wasn’t going to pull it off the scrolls for a proper picture. Just imagine everything that is above the current area finished, ’cause it is. The beading is gorgeous. And once I managed to get a rhythm going she went quickly. Even the 20 minutes worth of beading I had to pull out because I used the wrong color bead. Argh!

Oh and the headache? That was the warm up for the migraine Sunday. Yay. So again if the forces of the universe weren’t conspiring against me I would have more to show. And everyone who thought good thoughts for me on the F&S; thank you. It worked, that piece stitched up like a dream – well mostly except for a centering issue, but I blame lack of math skills again.

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5 Responses to Promised Pictures

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see that finished TOT. I think I will be starting mine shortly, maybe next week after vacation. She looks really great!!

    I hope you’re feeling better, between the headache and the aches from your trainer.

  2. Melissa says:

    Oooh, your TOT looks wonderful! I just picked up that magazine yesterday because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw her! I have no idea when I’ll actually start her though. LOL

  3. Melissa says:

    PS: I enjoy that 2 Melissas have commented on Melissa’s blog.

    Oh yes.

    We should start our own Criminal Justice League and get cute outfits. With knee high boots. And capes.

  4. Sonda in OR says:

    The fairy looks great!! I like those purple nails.

  5. Too bad it’s chipping – I love the color!

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