Ok! You ready?

Got tons to post so here goes:

Fair & Square #8 Exchange:

I stitched this for Tuula (Familiar Stitches over in the blog roll). I did the “T” diamond from Blue Ribbon Designs, Black Velvet Inscription Sampler. While I once again failed at centering, I do love how it turned out. I used Needle Neccessities #110 which sucked to stitch with, the crap thread knotted constantly. I finally beat into submission with lots of Thread Heaven. *sigh* One does what one must. 😉

I had to smile when I opened my squares from Tuula. She stitched a diamond too. Hers was from a Long Dog sampler. I didn’t recognize the brand of silk she used but it is lovely. I think I’m going to make a floss tag out of this.

The pathetic little bit I have done on my section of my WNRR. And have I worked on it today? No. Yesterday? No. Ugh, gotta get stitching. But really squirrels dropping from the heat and you expect me to stitch snow? Put down the crack pipe.

Behold! My New Project: The Halloween Quilt. I know, a pile of fabric so impressive.

See! Now I have cut fabric for said quilt. Hmmm… those do not appear to be all the same fabrics that were in the previous picture. You caught me. It is my first quilt and I count myself lucky to only have ruined 2 yards of fabric so far. And when I was out replacing those 2, I found another I liked better so I swapped it out for one of the non-ruined yards.

Aha! Real progress. I sewed (yes on my shiny new Husky and yes I luv it thanks for asking) Unit One. And cut it. Wow. Freakin’ impressive. (That black is one of the replacement fabrics, dorky vampires – I had to have it.)

An oldie but a goodie, still not a great pic but the best one I have. I took this back in May when I was helping clean up Grandma’s house just before I loaded it into Mom’s car so it could go live with her now.

And I have to gloat here, Amazon isn’t shipping any of these, but I still managed to get them in my hot little hands. Noah being the biggest score, it isn’t supposed to release until September. And I got it first! hehehehehe Not that I have time to read. I just finished Kenyon’s opus, Acheron (700+ pages) and I’ve still got to get through Nora Robert’s Tribute and Brockmann’s Into The Fire; those two are due back at the library Monday. Yikes, not enough hours in the day ya’ll.

And last but not least the Thursday Mani/Pedi Report.

Broke a nail this week (well actually I cut it with my razor, only been shaving my legs for 20 years and it still gets the better of me) so I had my fingernails cut down and when they are super short I go super dark like Russian Navy or super light like OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy:

Thankfully I didn’t have any razor issues with my toes.

OPI’s Designer Series, Exclusive. The pic captures the glitter flash very well but the paint color is reading red on my monitor. It is not red. It is Purple. Yes, with a capital P. Love it!

Good thing I had a fresh pedi too, because I had to loose the shoes today at 24hr Fitness. I took my first Pilates class. I think I did ok. There were a couple I just couldn’t do because of an old injury to my tailbone, but 90% of the other moves I did ok. Not great, but I only really sucked and failed at 1 of them.

And I do have to pat myself on the back for a minute for the first time in months (sadly) I have gone and exercised 5 days in a row. Yay me!

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2 Responses to Ok! You ready?

  1. Annette says:

    Love the Halloween fabrics 🙂 I’m such a sucker for anything spooky…

    (I’ve posted you an “I Love Your Blog” award on my blog tonight…)

  2. Melissa C. says:

    Holy blog post batman.

    I’m impressed with the proposed Halloween quilt. I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt. Maybe I will now that I’m a woman of leisure.

    I feel like such a slug – you’ve been stitching and quilting and reading and getting your nails done, and I’ve been doing…NOTHING. Sitting. LOL

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