Not real happy

but I did learn a few things so I suppose it’s ok:

I took my first quilt class today. Quilt Piecing For Absolute Beginners, which I very much am. The pieces all came pre-cut, all we had to do was assemble them. I did an ok job. I’m not thrilled, I see mistakes, and people looking at just the picture will be able to see some of them. But what really makes it bad? The girl next to me (she just had to sit next to me!), her’s was freakin’ perfect. I mean it looked exactly like the teacher’s. Dead on perfection. And she had two wool hooked tote bags with her that she had made herself, also awesome and perfect. I totally hate her. And if all that wasn’t enough, she was finished first. And!!!! she was nice! See why I totally hate her? Alright, I don’t really hate her, I am kinda happy for her. What I am is totally jealous.

Alright enough of the hate… I did buy some extra green to make a back for it, I’m going finish it off into a pillow. (Miss Perfect is making a tote bag. Sorry couldn’t help myself there!)

New Manicure to show off!

Full sun:

In the shade:

I’m calling it the “Godiva Chocolate Manicure”. One coat of Suzi Says Da! with one coat of Thrills in Beverly Hills Glitter Top Coat on top. Both from OPI.

Next week:

1/2 of my Halloween Fair & Square is complete, so I’ll be finishing that off.

Annette’s WNRR arrived, I’ll be picking a chart for that.

Hopefully I’ll get current on Crabby All Year.

And I’ll be assembling blocks on my Halloween Quilt.

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4 Responses to Not real happy

  1. Melissa C. says:

    Well, I’m sure you had better nails than Miss Perfect.

    I think you did a great job and I see no mistakes.

  2. Sonda in OR says:

    I was almost expecting to see your nails painted “Green with Envy”! LOL! I think if I ever got the nerve up to quilt, it would be awhile before I did it as well as I would like. Yours looks great anyway.

  3. staci says:

    I think your quilt square looks wonderful! Love the fabrics and colors, I don’t see a thing wrong with it. Congrats on a good job!

  4. Melissa beat me to it. I was going ask if MP had a killer mani, too.

    Someone really picky with no life might find something less than perfect with your quilt square. Me, I find it amazing! This is a talent I do not have, but greatly admire. So do lots more stuff and post pics so I can live vicariously….

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