So much to talk about!

It’s hard to know where to start, so I guess I’ll do it chronologically.


A bit more DIY, this is a $12? (maybe it was less) auction buy.

Did I need a vintage ashtray stand? Of course not, but I saw potential.

Now it has a happy home on the deck with a teeny little cactus in it. The tag that came with the cactus said it was good ground cover in rock gardens, so we’ll see if an ashtray is an acceptable substitute.

Also Sunday night I finished up the mate to my quilt class project.

The one on top is the second one I made. And if you flip it over you really can tell. I did a much improved job the second time. Which is all I can ask for. If I get even a tiny bit better on each quilt project I’ll call it a win. I’ve started on the back for these (I’m making pillows) but I haven’t touched them since Sunday because on Monday…

I took the Needleturn Applique class. What you’re looking at in the picture is the grid pattern that shows you where to place all your little pieces on the fabric underneath.

And this is how it came home from class. The circle (not completely stitched down yet), the lower leaf, and half of the upper leaf is what I did in class.

And here’s how it looked Tuesday evening:

The circle is all stitched down and I’ve added more leaves. Now I’m quite aware the circle does not meet correctly at the top. The teacher said that’s just fine, it will be hidden under a flower and sins committed under flowers do not count! Really she told us that the hidden stuff really doesn’t have to be perfect, and small imperfections are okay.

I love needleturn applique. It is so much fun. And (at least for me) this stuff is easy once I was shown how. I can see me doing tons of applique work just because I like the process so much.

Tuesday night, took Winston to fencing. When I came back from walking the mall (and drooling all over some sweet Cole Haan shoes, really 3 pair almost came home with me and I’m kinda kicking myself here, they would’ve only cost $100, for all 3 pair together!) a reporter from the Houston Chronicle was hanging about with her camera. Well she did a blog post about Katy Blades and Winston made it into the video! So did I, but I don’t matter. šŸ˜‰

Linkage to video.

At about the 9 second mark you can see me standing outside the studio watching. I’ve got the red shopping tote on my shoulder. I’m thrilled, not only am I an Internet Star, I don’t think I look fat in the video! At about 1 minute 10 seconds you can see Winston. He’s the blond in the center of the frame wearing the green striped shirt and blue jeans. He’s not in his fencing gear because this was shot after he spent an hour bouting and for footwork you don’t have to wear your gear so most of the kids strip it off because is it HOT.

Whew… well I think that’s it for now. I’ve got a new little project to stitch, but it’s a replacement square for the F&S so I won’t be able to show it. And my F&S Halloween exchange is in the mail so it’ll be a couple more days before I can show that. I have decided that all of October I will be doing Halloween stitching. I’ve got a list of ornaments I want to stitch, a couple of Plum Street Sampler pieces, plus Mira’s Halloween Fairy kit etc….

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3 Responses to So much to talk about!

  1. COOL!!!! I know a for-real Internet Star!!! I spotted you and Winston right off. The fencing looks pretty fun. If we had something like that here, I’d be tempted to give it a go.

    The needleturn stuff is fab! And, I agree with your instructor. Only the parts you see count! I have sewing envy. Keep the pics comin’!

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow! I am so impressed with your Diy project, it looks fabulous!

  3. Melissa C. says:

    You look SO PETITE in the video! Rock on with your bad self!

    I know a lady here who does tons of applique and her pieces are really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on this.

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