Eye see you

First the Halloween Fair & Square I sent to Jill:

Stitched on cream belfast using all dmc, Ezmeralda from Hatz Bootique by Brightneedle. I love the bats…

And the goodies I sent to Jill for Halloween:

My *favorite* part? The pincushion!

Isn’t it the *best*? I made it all by myself! But I can not take credit for the idea. I followed the tutorial posted here. And if you don’t want to stitch your own (even though it is ridiculously easy) you can buy one from the designer here.

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12 Responses to Eye see you

  1. staci says:

    Adorable squares. And that eye pincushion is wickedly cute, well done!

  2. Kathy A says:

    That is just the cutest square Missy. I just love it. And the extras – lovely.

  3. Melissa C. says:

    Awesome pincushion! I should stitch that witch for my tree. Very cool stuff!

  4. Holly says:

    I LOVE the eye pincushion and your stitched witch.

  5. Jan says:

    Darn you Missy! Now I have to go out and find that pattern for Ezmerelda! It is just adorable. Love the pincushion too.

  6. Annette says:

    I *had* to find the pincushion book (though the online instructions are pretty good)! I see eyeballs in the very near future.

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  8. Glenna says:

    Love the eyeball pincushion and the wonderful charts and Ezmeralda. But the thought of pushing pins into that eyeball?–ewwwww. LOL

  9. L says:

    Love your pincushion!!! Very creepie (in a good way) : )

    Now, I have to see the book! And the tutorial : )

  10. Totally love the eyeball! I need one!

  11. Darla says:

    Totally cool!!!!!!! Your exchanges totally *rock*!!!

  12. Annemarie says:

    Oh, that is just too cool! What an amazing exchange. Can’t look too long at the eye though. Gives me the willies! So I guess you’ve achieved your goal LOL.

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