All I've done lately is stitch

In one form or another. No cross stitching to show, it’s all for exchanges and can’t be shown yet. The Pinkeep Exchange is hitting the mail tomorrow and Fair & Square… not yet. I thought I had it done last night (during the Steelers game, Go Steelers!) but it’s not where I want it yet. It’s missing something. I’m pretty sure of what I’m going to add, now it’s just a matter of doing it.

I spent all day today finishing the Pinkeep and doing some other work in front of the showing machine. I swear I am the only person on this planet that needs safety glasses when she sews. I broke the needle in the machine (no big, it does happen) but I did it with style. Broke it in 5 pieces and one of those bounced off my forehead. No blood; but I think that has more to due with me having a hard head than luck.

Monday was #2 needleturn class. Here’s what I brought:

I had the most finished in my class (I put in a whopping 4-5 hours on it last week), but one “over achiever” 😉 in the Sunday class had finished hers.

We moved on to the next project:

Everything you see I finished in class. What we are learning on him are inside points. Those are the sharp (at least they are supposed to be) points, under his arms, at his neck and between his legs. The ric-rac is also being added as we go. Later I will go back and sew all the ric-rac down, right now it is only sewn down where it turns under.

After taking this second class I’m even more in love than before. So I’ve decided to join the Block of the Month club at the LQS. I’ll be getting 2 blocks a month for 8 months, so by next Christmas I should have this:

Starting small is for wimps.

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4 Responses to All I've done lately is stitch

  1. Claire says:

    Missy, those are great. It looks like a lot of fun. You’re doing a great job.

  2. Danielle says:

    OMG…you are moving right along…I took a quilting class and made a wall hanging..but never moved forward like you have…you really are very talented….

  3. Melissa C. says:

    Wow, you are totally kicking ass! I’m so impressed!

    I admit…I laughed about the needle breaking. Out loud.


  4. Heeee about the needle. Only because you weren’t hurt. That Christmas quilt totally rocks!

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