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Ike Stuff

Power has flickered twice (7pm), wind is really starting to pick up. The trees are starting to lose just a few green leaves. But the clouds look awesome. The worst is supposed to hit us around 6am. But the winds … Continue reading

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Waiting is the hardest part…

The view from my front porch. Everything is piled up in the garage and now all we can do is wait. Arrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!! So I’ve given myself a manicure (oops forgot to take a picture, I will later). Done 90% of … Continue reading

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Guess where I live?

See that little black dot? Yeah, that’s about where I live. No we are NOT evacuating. Evacing from where I live is dumb. You’ve all seen the pics of people stuck on the side of the road for days. Well … Continue reading

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We're cooking with gas now!

Busy busy day. First progress pics: Would you look at that! All the blocks are made. (34 for those at home keeping score) Oh… The blue is what is known as a directional print. And what should directional prints do? … Continue reading

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A bit more quilt to show

Just this bit… this is 3/5 of the block that I need to make the most of (16). I have applied a bit of my quilt class knowledge to this. And if nothing else it is making me feel better … Continue reading

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Not real happy

but I did learn a few things so I suppose it’s ok: I took my first quilt class today. Quilt Piecing For Absolute Beginners, which I very much am. The pieces all came pre-cut, all we had to do was … Continue reading

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That's a nice sampler…

For me to POOP ON!!!!! (If you don’t get the joke go YouTube Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.) Shout out to Melissa C. who suggested it, and the dh for advocating stink lines. Thought I wouldn’t do it didn’t you? … Continue reading

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I said I was scared

and I must’ve been. No updates for a week. While I was off doing other things both Annette & Suz gave me the “I Love Your Blog” Award. Thank you both. I won’t specifically nominate anyone else, but it’s safe … Continue reading

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