The cutest elephant you'll see all day

My sorta nephew (he’s my favorite cousin’s son and since I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I’m claiming this kid as my nephew; so there) Parker:

So full of the cute it hurts. Meanwhile, my kid is sick with the Mexican Death Flu TM. I’ve kept him home Wed, Thur, and will tomorrow too. He doesn’t really feel all that awful, but he can’t talk. Full blown larengistis. Poor kid.

Not that it kept me from my nail appointment.

Love the concept, but the execution… needs a bit of help. At arms length it all looks good, but up close, not so much. Anyway this is the Franken-mani. China Glaze In the Lime Light french tips with a black line. I feel like a stripper (informal survey done by the Houston Chronicle this summer, 90% of the strippers at a local club had french manicures). French manis not so classy anymore.

Yesterday I came to the realisation that my Witch’s Hat is far from done. I totally forgot about the embroidery on the brim and that fact that most if not all of those seems still need embellished (11 for those keeping track at home). I *may* get it finished by Halloween but really doubt it. Feh… don’t care, I’ll put it on the table at Thanksgiving.

All Dinky Dyes, all previously appearing on the hat. Except the green, that’s new. The cone section is now all embroidered with only the seam embellishments left.

And the first bit of brim, “Member in good standing of the Black Hat Society” in turquoise silk. I love how the thread glows on the fabric, it is even more outstanding in person.

More Salem Sisters 1:

Made a nice dent on this while drooling all over the hot bod of Daniel Craig watching Casino Royale.

And what I’ve spent pretty much all damn day working on, the box finish/small/PITA for the mermaid tail section of the thief’s RR that I’m finishing off for Debbi & Autumn.

Seriously all day. Those four walls, hand sewn together. The bottom of the box hand sewn to the four walls. Not counting all the fiddly bits of assembling the walls and bottoms themselves. And to top it off, this was not the fabric to use to on this project. I’m making it work (Tim Gunn I’m looking at you), but I won’t use the fabric I bought to make the second box. It’s the same type just a different color and I just can’t go through this again. *swoon* *drama* *martyrdom here I come* Tomorrow I’ll finish the lid and move on to something easy, like a pinkeep. And stalking my mailman, it is possible that my Bluebeard’s Princess kit may be arriving!!!111!!!!

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3 Responses to The cutest elephant you'll see all day

  1. Kathy A says:

    That is indeed the sweetest elephant I have ever seen. Finished Marjean’s RR and it will be in the mail first of the week. Will post a photo later.
    I can’t believe you sewed that box by hand. Had a short mental slip did you LOL LOL LOL.

  2. Melissa C. says:

    That turquoise silk on the hat is total perfection. Do not ever let me get my mitts on that hat because it will be deadly dangerous. LOL

    Cute kid.

  3. Karin says:

    Gorgeous stitching! I can’t believe how even your embroidery is – mine’s always wonky. Your little elephant is very cute!

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