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Taking a break

From the laundry and sewing. Since last blog I’ve managed to get a bit done: November’s block is done! I stitched this up while watching Charlie Wilson’s War, Shooter (what a turd!), and 30 Days of Night last night. One … Continue reading

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Turkey Glamour Shots & Other Turkey Day Memories

First I baked pies (’cause I’m an American house frau and it’s part of the job apparently). Hehe! Victory is mine, barely any crackage. I was told they were delicious (I hate pumpkin pie – won’t touch the stuff). Buttermilk … Continue reading

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70 Degrees Outside

But it’s starting to look like Christmas inside. I finally finished up Kathy’s WNRR. Cobbled together from Brightneedle & Thistle Threads ornaments from JCS. I love those giant snowflakes. And Sunday during pre-game I made this: (still needs a ribbon) … Continue reading

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And I was doing so well

posting, stitching, posting, stitching. *sigh* I have an RR that is supposed to go out today, if I’m lucky it’ll go out tomorrow. I haven’t touched my quilting. Even though the fabric for another one (for the in-laws) has arrived. … Continue reading

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Stuff I'm working on

Hand quilting G.B. So far I’ve quilted all the diagonal lines, the inside of the green border, and made a start on G.B. himself. A better shot of the quilting I think. Hmmm… I am getting the hang of it. … Continue reading

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The Learning Curve…

it is going to be steep. I basted G.B. this afternoon: Looking like a glorious mess, (but that’s what it’s supposed to look like) with the edge flipped over so you can see the cute as snot backing. Two bent … Continue reading

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And yet more mermaid

Finished off beading the section of BBP that I have stitched last night. I didn’t attach the crystals, I’ll be saving them until the end, but I did lay them on so we could get a look at what the … Continue reading

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Christmas Quilting

Lucky me, I’ve got a cold, but I’m already getting better (knock wood). I didn’t work on BBP much today, just some (more) beading while I was watching Sunday night’s new Dexter (luv me my dvr). There’s not much more … Continue reading

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Gettin' Some Tail

I managed to spend some quality time with BBP this weekend. Her tail (the part that would be legs on a regular gal) is an orgy of silk, beads & metallics. her fin is mostly cotton, I’ve done next to … Continue reading

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Exciting Stuff

Here in Missyland. Dh by virtue of being AWESOME at his job earned us a trip all expenses paid to Peter Island Resort. 5 days, 4 nights of OMG I can hardly wait!!!!!!!! And over on Smart Bitches, I entered … Continue reading

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