Painting the kitchen

Sucks. I swear, 3 hours of taping (not counting the hassle of moving everything out & removing switchplates etc.) and then 7-8 hours of actual painting.

Before: f*cking pink. Seriously who paints the entire downstairs of their house pink? I still have have to paint the living/dining/stairway but even thinking about it is making me twitch… it’ll wait.

All the lovely painters tape. I only used 1 & 1/2 ROLLS. Oh and I Kilz the heck out of the ceiling where at some point in the distant past (before I owned the house) there was a Grease Incident.

After: f*cking mint green.

The color is “Sage Tint” from Behr. It’s supposed to be dusty pale green. Instead it’s minty. I thought it didn’t look right on the paint lid, but I let everyone talk me into “it’s fine, it’s how it’s supposed to look, it’ll be darker when it’s covering the walls”. Bullshit. It’s not terrible, but it’s not exactly what I wanted. It’s good with the cabinets & floor title, but I’m not loving it with the back splash.

(btw, any person even thinking about saying “you can re-paint” to me, I will cut you.)

And my manicure?

I’ll be re-painting those this afternoon. The fun it never ends.

Quick BBP & new scissor update.

Love the handles on the new pair. I’m not using them yet, I put them in my Chatelaine drawer, the next time I work on that I’ll use them. Now all I need is another pair of junky scissor that I won’t mind using on metallics. I stitched her skin in while watching Dexter & True Blood on DVR this morning. What would I do without it?

BBP’s skin is pink. 818 pink. At first I thought, ick. Now… I kinda like it. I mean she has blue hair for Pete’s sake. Hmmmm maybe her skin should be yellow… I keep calling her Marge.

And I know everyone in blog land has been talking about their Kindle’s. So I’ll talk about mine! 😉 No, I really only have one thing to add:

Mobi Pocket. Dh (only computer that runs Windows in the house is dh’s company laptop) used the software to put one of my .pdf Ellora’s Cave books onto my Kindle. Worked like a dream. Except for the having to use Windows thing… but other than that. *Love*

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7 Responses to Painting the kitchen

  1. Melissa C. says:

    I absolutely detest painting. HATE Most rooms in my house have been painted 3-4 times though. It’s such a pain in the rear and a mess. I really love your backsplash!
    BBP looks incredible. I liked her before, but watching your WIP has made me really want to start her. Her hair is just gorgeous.

  2. Karen says:

    Well, for what it’s worth, the f*cking mint looks better than the f*cking pink. I painted my bedroom “sage” green, too, and while it isn’t too minty, it still isn’t the sage green I had in mind. I have NEVER had a paint color look the same on my walls as it does on the sample. I have painted my hallways twice in 4 years, and I STILL hate it. First attempt was called Ivory Invitation and came out yellow. Ack. Second attempt was another attempt at ivory and now just looks like yellow shining through off-white. Double ack. I feel your pain. BBP is so pretty!

  3. Erin says:

    We tried painting once. It involved stripping some hideous f*cking wallpaper. After 8 hours of scoring, steaming, sanding, and swearing, we went out to dinner and called a very nice lady to finish/clean up the mess we’d made. Totally worth the cost, and we’ll never do it ourselves again…..

    Building & remodeling projects I can handle. Paint makes me insane.

  4. OMG THE SCISSORS!!!!! LOVE!!! NEED!!!! Where can I find them? They are calling my name LOUDLY!

    I would not begin to suggest you repaint after spending all that time already! Is it possible to find some piece of art (or make something) that would help to tie the colors in the backsplash to the wall color? Just an idea. The backsplash is VERY nice.

  5. Susan says:

    I’m sorry that the paint color isn’t exactly what you were looking for. I won’t suggest re-painting, though, although I probably wouldn’t have had a problem with the pink paint in the first place.

    Seriously, though – I’m sorry it messed with your manicure!

    I don’t paint – If a wall needs re-painting, I have someone else do it. I do enough around the house as it is!

  6. Jan says:

    My father had a solution to never having to paint again – he paneled every room in the house!

    Love the scissors. Which pair are they?
    And now to show my ignorance – kindles?

  7. Jenjen says:

    Ugh! I would never suggest repainting – I’ve done enough painting in my time to totally respect what a PITA it is. I’m sorry you are not happy with the color, at least it looks like you did an excellent job of it though. When I paint I always end up doing several rounds of touch up where I see spots that aren’t quite as covered or I’ve gone over the tape, or the tape covered unevenly along the ceiling and what have you. Yours looks great!

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