70 Degrees Outside

But it’s starting to look like Christmas inside. I finally finished up Kathy’s WNRR.

Cobbled together from Brightneedle & Thistle Threads ornaments from JCS. I love those giant snowflakes.

And Sunday during pre-game I made this:

(still needs a ribbon)

I got the idea from here. Two tips I learned while putting it together. Hold the toothpicks like this while you cut (wire cutters work great) them:

And insert the half toothpick into the Styrofoam and then stick the gumdrop onto that.

And make sure you do this over newspaper or something like that, you’ll have a ton of sugar all over your work surface when you’re done.

3, 1lb 4oz packages of small size gumdrops covered a 11 & 7/8″ wreath with a few left over for snacking. Now if you’ll all excuse me I’ve got 4 pies to bake and a trip to the Post Office too.

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8 Responses to 70 Degrees Outside

  1. Karen says:

    Love the snowman! Holy cow, that wreath must have taken HOURS to do! Did you count how many gumdrops are on there?? 😉 Looks wonderful.

  2. Jenjen says:

    Yummm… gumdrops.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I LOVE the wreath!!!! Suz/VA

  4. Holly says:

    The gumdrop wreath is SO CUTE! I love it!

  5. Susan says:

    What a fun wreath!

    BTW – I’m going to be in your neck of the woods – (sort of – I know Dallas/Ft Worth is not that close, but it’s TX, so that has to count for something, right?) next weekend!

  6. Melissa C. says:

    That wreath wouldn’t last in this house. LOL I think the dog would try for it, and if she failed, the kids would be all over it. It is totally awesome!

  7. I love the wreath! What a great idea! I may copy it. 🙂

  8. Michelle says:

    That wreath is the cutest thing ever! Love it.

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