There's just something about pom-poms

I love ’em. Is it because of all the wonderful pom-poms my great-grandmother put on the top of every hat she made me? (When I was little she made us great-grands a new sweater & matching hat every winter.) Is it because my mother wouldn’t buy me a set of pom-poms when I was a little girl? It’s ok now, 3 Christmas ago dh bought me my very own set. Get your minds out of the gutter, I only use them to cheer the Steelers (or the Giants when the whoop the crap out of the Patriots in the Superbowl). But the whole point here is this:

My spiffy Christmas quilt is done! I will not be tying another quilt with yarn anytime in the near future. My index finger & thumb are bruised from how hard I had to force, pull, & wiggle the needle to get that yarn to draw through.

Close up my favorite fabric:

I love that Red Hot Candy Cane. The whole quilt (and all but one of the pillow fabrics) are from It’s Snowing by Moda.

I’ve also managed to wrap up the last block on Crabby All Year:

I messed up a bit on the back stitching, but I doubt you would’ve noticed if I hadn’t said something. I did add my name (that’s the way I sign my checks btw) and changed the check number to 2008. After thinking about it I decided that this was the better way to sign the piece than the tombstone (I went back and pulled that out). This is the only block where I found a mistake. For the pen I used 825 because the chart didn’t list any color for the symbol they used, and after looking at the picture and what colors they did list on the chart I figured 825  is what it was supposed to be. Or at least what it was supposed to be on my Crabby. And they didn’t list the backstitch for the pennies, but I figured that was 1 strand 310 like the check.

Tomorrow I may add the straight stitches to the 1040 form and the buttons for Jan-Mar. Those are the only buttons I have so far. I’m going to have to sit down and crunch the numbers to figure out where it’ll be cheapest to order them from. Right now it’s a toss up between 123Stitch & Needlecraft-Corner.

I’m 99% sure my monthly project for next year will be Houses of Hawk Run Hallow. I’ve got the chart and since I’m unwilling to take out a second mortgage on the house I’ll be stitching it with DMC. I’m not sure on the fabric yet, but I’m going to go poke around in the stash and hope that I find something there. Next post I’m going to try and lay out some general goals and plans for next year.

And for Cheryl who asked how I get so much accomplished. It’s a combination of half-assed parenting, no job, and slip-shod housekeeping. 😉 Oh and the stuff I do is much easier than it looks.

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7 Responses to There's just something about pom-poms

  1. Melissa C. says:

    Oh, I just love your quilt! I’m beyond jealous. It’s just one hobby that I don’t have time to learn right now, but that I really want to pursue some day.

    I am going to copy all your cute things you did in Crabby, you know. LOL

  2. Well, everything Melissa said, exactly (she always beats me! LOL! ) Seeing your Crabby pics makes me excited to start mine! I’ve already told you the quilt is amazing, but there, i’ve said it again. 🙂 And, of the reasons you list for accomplishing so much, the only one I’m buying is the no job!

  3. Karen says:

    The quilt is beautiful! Congrats on the finish!

  4. staci says:

    I love pompoms too! Your quilt and matching pillows are absolutely adorable!!! And the pompoms are the perfect added touch!!!

  5. Michelle says:

    Your quilt is darling! I love those fabrics. Congrats on that last block of your Crabby All Year – I was so happy when I finished my last Red Thread block!

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