Pecked to death by ducks

It’s just been one of those days. One annoyance after another.

1. My car is “fixed”. Yes they did it for free. But they had to fix it for free.

2. The changed who can use a room at the gym during certain hours. Nothing huge, but another annoyance.

3. I only managed to get 1 workout in today (my goal was two).

4. The reason why? My dear sweet unorganized son. Once again the index cards have gone missing. I had to go buy more. We also skipped fencing (I was going to work out while he fenced) so he could finish the report he needed the index cards for.

5. At 9:10pm he comes to me, shows the index cards and says “I need to make them into a book of some sort”. ARGHHHHHHHHHH. With the help of a cheapie plastic photo album yours truly made it work.

6. I find out that the outfit (very cute) I bought last night isn’t going to work for the reception at dh’s University Saturday evening and I need to find a cocktail dress by 4 pm Saturday. And shave my legs. Damnit.

In keeping with the theme of general bitching:

I ordered the button packs for the other 9 months today. I went with 123Stitch, there they were $33 including shipping. And I got the notice that they will ship tomorrow. A finish before the end of the year? It’s looking like a possibility.

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2 Responses to Pecked to death by ducks

  1. Melissa C. says:

    I laughed heartily at #5. Sounds like a typical evening in my house!

    Good luck on the sexy dress shopping. I can’t wait to see a picture of your choice.

  2. Jenjen says:

    I laughed at #5 too, though I’m glad to hear it isn’t just my child that happens to realize this stuff late at night the evening before it is due!

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