Up to not much good

I have been stitching & finishing – I just can’t show pics yet. 1, hasn’t been received yet. 2, hasn’t been mailed yet. 3, isn’t quite finished yet. But almost! I hit a snag today (which I was going to spend finishing the finishing & even hopefully mailing) when I fell during my Step Aerobics class this morning. I don’t think I broke my ankle, but it might have been a near thing. If I’m not improved by tomorrow I will go in for X-rays.

I do have a little tiny bit of something I can show, my start on Sophia’s WNRR.

See it’s signed and everything! Except the actual house….

And my fabric for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow arrived today!

A freakin’ HALF YARD of 28ct. French Country linen in Cashmere. Very pretty in person and everything I wanted it to be. January start here I come!

The 27th was my b-day (34th – see I didn’t even flinch when I typed it!) ds gave me Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii:

Yes, that’s him playing with it, but I did get to play with it first. And since it’s my toy I get to kick him off of it whenever I want to play. Hehehe Mom dibs!

And I took that picture with this:

I have a fabulous and wonderful camera already – but it is huge. This one is so tiny and cute and it fits into my purse so now I can take good pictures when I’m out of the house. (I hated lugging the big camera around.) That was my gift from dh (along with a spiffy little case to keep it safe in the purse too).

Ds has been busy with Winter Fencing Camp:

Win is of course the blond with the big Walker on his jacket, to his left is Morgan Davie who is kinda a big deal. She’s only #1 in the COUNTRY in her age group. And the guy in the black jacket (he’s the one teaching the camp) is Benoit Bouysset who is a former World Cup Champion. Again – kinda a big deal. Win had an excellent time, it was only four days – but he said he had fun and learned things.

Over Christmas my plot to drive all my neighbors into an early and fat grave went into effect.

From top left, Chocolate Gingerbread with Chocolate-Ginger Icing, Kourebides (Greek wedding cookies), and Whoopie Pies. Bottom row l to r: Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Plum Cake.

I also gave out a whole mess of Butterscotch Pecan Sundae Cookies, but they wouldn’t fit and had to go in their own little boxes alone with the pans.

(we did keep some of everything for ourselves – and it was all very very VERY good – we are not going to discuss the # of those chocolate chip cookies I ate)

Christmas morning I also made Praline French Toast Casserole:

It’s a Paula Dean recipe – let’s just leave it at that.

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8 Responses to Up to not much good

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen that Paula Deen recipe. I’m sure it was good! Have you seen the burger recipe where she uses a doughnut for the bun? 🙂

    HOHRH is gorgeous stitched. I’m looking forward to watching your progress!

  2. Sonda in OR says:

    I think I got fat just looking at that food! Yum! Happy New Year!

  3. So, I’m kinda glad I’m not your neighbor. I’d eat every bit of that yum and it would stick to my thighs forever more! Hope your ankle is better today.

  4. Susan says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Missy! I’m so sorry about the ankle, thought!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. Melissa C. says:

    OMG my teeth hurt just looking at all that yummy food. Drool!

    I’m glad your ankle is doing better. My ankles suck and I get a sprain at least twice a year, so I feel ya.

    Nice camera! Mine is also gigantic, and I’d love something more portable.

  6. JenJen says:

    Just one question – Are there any houses for sale in your neighborhood? I think I want to be driven to a fat, early grave. lol

  7. Imogen says:

    Sorry to hear about your ankle 😦 I totally understand. I teach step aerobics and have fallen and twisted my ankle more times than I care to think about. My advice: Rest, and strap the ankle with tape…prevention!

    The cakes etc look absolutely outstanding…I have been inspired to raid the fridge! Keep up the good work

  8. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday (late)!!

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