1 down 51 to go

The first “Sinner Sunday” is over. I relized today that I spend more time planning what to stitch on ATS than I do actually stitching.

More border done (I love the border so much). And some more random sky bits & pieces.

Let’s see, in the upper right hand star thingie I threw in some Italian Stitch. Below it is a blue Rhodes Star and an Elongated Star. Another bird and in the star thingie below the crowned heart I did a Ray Stitch variation. To the southwest of that I did a Renaissance Stitch which turned out really nice IMHO. To the northwest of that stitch is a little satin stitch variation, kinda like little seed stitches stacked neatly and to the northwest of that is two Sprat Stitches stacked with the flat sides together. I’m not too sure about that one, I’ll leave it alone until next Sunday and see what it’s saying to me then. Not counting the borders I stitched 10 motifs this time. 10. Ugh, maybe I’ll finish by 2012.

Friday some stash appeared in my mailbox.

I found the 1724 M H Sampler in a clearance bin 1/2 off so that I had to buy and to make the shipping worthwhile I threw in two fat quarters of SMF. Both luganas, Treetops and Violets In the Shade.

And while I didn’t get to finishing on the last piece from the cursed MiraRR (me, the razor knife, mat board, and mat board cutter are no longer on speaking terms) I did finish #5.

This is Mirabilia Spring Queen’s bouquet. The trim is plain ol’ double faced pink ribbon. I’m a bit underwhelmed, but it’s ok. I wanted to do a rucshed for the trim, but I couldn’t get it to work. Boo hiss.

I backed it with some pretty blue crepe type fabric and I did manage to make some pretty pins to match for the top.

That’s about it for now, tomorrow I’m headed off to see the Body Worlds exhibit. And for my sins, sometime Tuesday I’m hoping to hit Home Depot and buy all the things I need to do a mini-remodel of Win’s bathroom. I’m so excited I could puke. At Home Depot, it would serve them right for making my life difficult (I tried to buy what I needed today… but alas I was thwarted. Story of my life.)

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7 Responses to 1 down 51 to go

  1. KarenV says:

    I love how ATS is coming along! I had a similar thing with a piece I stitched last year which was full of small motifs – spent more stitching time planning what to stitch than actually stitching. So, I tried a checklist – I sat down with the piece, worked out the order in which I wanted to stitch the next few motifs and then just stitched through the list, crossing off as I went! I did it in sections and just made a new list at the end of each section. It made a big difference, I really started making good progress after that because I was using my stitching time to actually stitch 😉 (That was all probably TMI – sorry! but I thought it might be useful)

    I’m really loving what you’re doing with the unfortunate RR too – such a great idea!

  2. Holly says:

    I like your progress…. I don’t think I’d have the patience to stitch something that had so many small motifs. 🙂

    I saw the body exhibit last year and thought it was REALLY interesting. I didn’t like the room where the babies were thogh….

  3. Melissa C. says:

    First off, you’re rocking ATS, I’m really loving everything you’re doing, and it is such an inspiration to me. Except…I don’t like the Sprat’s so much. I wouldn’t mention it, expect I know you’re not 100% with it either. Maybe it is just the picture, but it looks like it really lays funny. Hmm.

    It’s really good of you to finish those RR pieces like that. 🙂

  4. ATS rocks! I love seeing the pics, because I know I don’t have the patience to stitch this myself. Stash porn pics are always fun to look at. That sampler looks interesting. In fact, it looks like something I was debating buying the other day….

  5. Jenjen says:

    I think 10 motifs is a lot! Maybe not many actual stitches, but there is a lot of counting for the placement and stopping and starting and such. So I think it is great progress. 🙂

    The Mira ornament looks great – I really think this particular RR looks better cut up and made into smalls than it did as one whole piece – you’ve done a great job!

  6. Michelle says:

    Loving your ATS. I just ordered the threads for this…I still need fabric, but I just might join you in stitching it for 2009. Another pretty ornament too!

  7. Valerie says:

    Great Idea with your RR piece. Where did you manage to find SMF fabric? I’ve looked everywhere and thought she had gone out of business. Just curious…

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